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Macie Wier


Macie is a full time mom of 2 and is currently studying for her Bachelors in Business. Macie has done many outreach programs and is always looking for the next best way to get involved in her community and is a pro at the graphics/advertising side of things. 

Savannah Pulliam


 Savannah is  a Front Desk Supervisor, a full time mom, and is currently studying for her Associates degree In Law and Legal Studies to become a Paralegal. Savannah loves her community and is always looking for new ways to reach out to members of her community and raise awareness for important issues in the community.

Bonnie Blakey


 Bonnie  works with a mental health agency, is completing her Masters in Psychology, and is a full time mom! Bonnie has experience working in mental health through a statewide crisis hotline, family and youth crisis intervention services, and youth focused skills training with the Texas STAR Network.

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