Star Haven

our programs


writer's hour

Every girl in our program is given a notebook upon arrival. We give them notebooks in hopes that they will freely write down their thoughts, hopes, and whatever else is on their minds. The girls have the choice of keeping their journals private or reading them aloud in group. The decision is 100% theirs!

Artist Hour

STAR Haven provides the girls in our program everything they need to express themselves artistically. Whether it be painting, drawing, or coloring, we aim to ensure that the girls will have adequate resources to express themselves while also (hopefully) having fun. If a girl is inclined to sell her artwork, she gets 100% of the profits to help her sustain herself in a healthy, safe way.

trust activities

The most important thing for us at STAR Haven is that the girls that participate in our outreach know that they can trust us. The truth is never the wrong answer, and it is always safe with us. We have various trust exercises that we do within the group between the mentors as well as their peers.

shoot for the stars

Shoot for the Stars is the part of our outreach that allows the girls to think about themselves as professionals in the future. We chat with the girls to determine what all of their dream careers are, and then we bring in professionals from the community or surrounding communities to give a presentation on their career fields of interest! 

back to the basics.

Our goal is that every girl that we reach out to leaves us knowing more about life skills than they did when they came to us. We teach basic life skills such as cooking, budgeting, how to open a bank account, how to balance a checkbook, and even standard vehicle maintenance!